Lightning 13U Division Champs!

Playing Rampage Elite, 3/10/2012


Do you have a competitive team looking to set up a game with us? If so, check out our teams page for more information.

Welcome to the Lightning Recreational League!

For those players not yet ready for the demands of the competitive league, or for anyone just wanting to play basketball in a casual environment, we offer our Recreational League program.

The Rec League seasons run the same as the Competitive League except games are held on Sunday afternoons instead of Saturdays.

In addition, the Rec League teams play against one another as well as other recreational league organizations in a fun, yet challenging, environment, whereas the Competitive League will play other advanced travel and competitive teams. The referees are the same for both leagues but the game formats are slightly different. THe Competitive League plays two 20 minute halves per game while the Recreational League plays four 9 minute quarters. Both leagues use a running clock except for the last two minutes of each period, where the clock stops on all referee whistles.

Check out our recreational registration page for costs and to register your child.

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