Policies, Terms and Conditions

Lightning Basketball is an organization which registers youth basketball teams into various competitive local leagues year round. This is not a beginning or recreational league, and as such, players are not guaranteed a specific amount of playing time in any games. Coaches will do their best to ensure that all players showing up for a game will see some amount of playing time in that game. The more effort a player gives, as well as the player's skill level and the difficulty of a particular game, will determine the actual time a player receives.

Although players register for one season, everyone is encouraged to sign up again for following seasons to allow the team to grow and become more competitive. For this reason, we offer our current season returning players a discount off the registration fee when signing up for the next season.

Please Note: As of the Winter 2014 season, we will be forming advanced teams in each division in addition to our regular competitive teams. If you are interested in a spot on an advanced team, you MUST try out each season for that spot. Returning players are not guaranteed a spot on an advanced team.

Registration and Uniform Fees

Following is the current schedule of fees, which includes entry fees for season games (minimum of 6 games in Summer and Fall and 8 games in Winter and Spring), and gym fees for indoor practices and games hosted by the Lightning organization. Registration fees are fully refundable up to 3 weeks before the first game, 50% refundable up to 1 week before the first game, and after that, registration fees cannot be refunded. Unused uniforms can be returned for a 25% refund. Uniforms used for one season or more cannot be returned. Once a uniform has been printed with the player's name, you are only entitled to a 25% refund, even if you never take possession of the uniform. We cannot resell a uniform as new with another player's name on it. If the uniform has been ordered but not printed yet, you can receive a full refund on it.

  Registration Fees
Season New Player   Returning
Spring $190.00   $155.00
Summer $170.00   $135.00
Fall $170.00   $135.00
Winter $190.00   $155.00

All players MUST have a Team Lightning uniform. Uniforms can be purchased for $45.00 each and can be worn from season to season until they are worn out or no longer fit. Replacement jerseys are $28.00 each and replacement shorts are $20.00 each.

AAU Registration

ALL Players MUST have a current AAU registration card - NO exceptions. Our insurance is provided by the AAU, so this is a requirement. If your child already has a current AAU membership, please log into their account and change the club to Lightning Basketball of Central Florida by using our club code WWA3RD.

If you do not have an AAU membership, go to www.aausports.org and sign up for one. Choose the basic athletic membership for boys basketball, and specify our club code WWA3TD when signing up. The cost to the AAU is $14, and the membership runs from September 1st to August 31st, regardless of when you sign up.

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